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im the worlds first gay dog and i like pizza and blogging and anime

I'm a crabby furry jerk and i don't care. if u like SJ/feminist blogging, anime, scifi, furry fandom, and assorted blogging, you're in the right place. if you're anti-SJ or anti-feminist get out, there's nothing for you here

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the otp

playlist for my blog because why the fuck not by Junia Fencross on Grooveshark

my blog background is from here!! I did not make it!!


Well apparently these are the only pics I took/had taken for me at the Delaware Furbowl last night

but omg it was such a great time ;o; i absolutely cannot wait for next month’s!

the first and last pics are me in suit haha

if anyone has more pics of my suit at the Furbowl please send them to me either through tumblr or FA <3

the second pic is some amazing art i commissioned wow i’m not 100% sure who did it so if anyone knows who it was and could direct me to their FA/ tumblr so i could credit them that’d be cool

the third pic i took of a machine at the pizza place because i’m immature and me and Striker were giggling like middle school boys

knobby balls

EDIT: So apparently that awesome sketch was done by FA user sweettalk/tumblr user doggables, whose art is awesome yes go look upon it right now

also thanks to my bro tumblr user piecreature for helping me find the artist :D

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