june / pansexual / male leaning nonbinary / dogkin / NJ
trans, nonhuman, and ready to party

im the worlds first gay dog and i like pizza and blogging and anime

I'm a crabby furry jerk and i don't care. if u like SJ/feminist blogging, anime, scifi, furry fandom, and assorted blogging, you're in the right place. if you're anti-SJ or anti-feminist get out, there's nothing for you here

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the otp

playlist for my blog because why the fuck not by Junia Fencross on Grooveshark

my blog background is from here!! I did not make it!!


Do they have coke machines that print a name of ur choosing onto the bottle like “share a coke with _______” bc if not that’s a good idea and I would get like 5 bottles that just say “turgle”


Fact: Pansexuals have the ability to plug their USBs in the right way on the first try. Scientists are currently looking into the matter - one prominent researcher was quoted as saying that “it must be some kind of weird magic”.


horses are so fucking scary i cant believe at some point a human looked at a horse and was like im going to sit on that horrifying beast while it goes fast. you fool

I’m EXCITED I’m taking the train to Philly by myself all next week…… watch out it’s commuter dog